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Amanah (The Trust) Enforcing leader for his position

"No (perfect) faith and trust someone who does not (perfect) religious people who do not fulfill the promise." (Narrated by Ahmad). Amanah (the trust) has two meanings perspective.

Viewed from a narrower aspect, the trust is defined as maintaining a deposit to be returned in its form as in the past. In an extended review, the trust has a wider scope, such as maintaining the trust of others, keep the honor of others, or maintain his honor.

In the context of state, trust is charged to the holders of the trust (state officials) should be borne by the best because the accountability memiiki two perspectives: horizontal (habluminannas) and vertical (habluminallah). Every leader, whether in the scope of central and local government, must uphold the trust that has exemplified his position as Messenger.

In surah Al-Ahzab [33]: 21, Allah says, "Verily, there has been at the (self), the Messenger was a good role model for you, (They are) those who expect (grace) of God and the (arrival) Day of Resurrection and he is much refer to God. "

Messenger is worth a role model for the leader because of the four fundamental things inherent in him, namely Sidiq, trustworthy, tabligh, and fathanah. Although difficult to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad in a comprehensive, at least we can get close to what was once the Prophet Muhammad did in establishing the trust as a religious leader and the country at the time.

Allah says, "Allah commands you convey the message to the right to accept and (tell you) if it establishes the law among men in order that you specify with the fair. Allah give the best instruction to you. Allah is Hearer, Seer . (Surat an-Nisa [4]: 58).
Then, the Prophet said, "Whoever we pick an employee to do something and we give the proper wages, then something is taken after that (other than wages) the name of corruption." (Abu Dawud).

Rasulullah never rebuked Ibn Luthbiyah strongly for taking gifts while it is running duties as collector of zakat. Prophet rebuked by saying, "By the authority given by God to me, I lift one of you for the job, (but) he came to report. If he sits alone at home father and mother, whether the gift in person to him if the goods were indeed as a gift?

By Allah, one does not take something that is not right, but he will face God on Judgement Day by carrying heavy loads of it. "(HR Mutafaqun 'be upon him). I hope our leaders can fulfill the trust of office so well that this nation can advanced in various fields.

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