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Relics of Noah and The Great River in The Black Sea Base

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - A group of British researchers led by Dr. Robert Ballard, some time ago, found an old building which an estimated age of 7,500 years ago (5000 BC) in the bottom of the Black Sea, near the Turkish coast. They found buildings and wooden structures at a depth of several hundred feet above sea level.

They estimate, the old building formerly was a village that sank due to flooding that occurred in the days of Noah the U.S.. "This is a very amazing discovery," said Dr. Ballard in the article in the National Geographic Society titled Northern Research Ship Horizon.

Dr Ballard said the existing buildings at the base of the Black Sea was caused by major flooding that occurred thousands of years ago. In his theory, he explains, when the ice age ended 12 thousand years ago, glaciers began to melt. Eastern Mediterranean that is cut off from the Black Sea has led to the Black Sea water not submerged by the sea while others have increased.

This led to around 7,000 years ago, the pool of early in the Bosphorus has burst and caused water in abundance to the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea that is cut off from other seas. Strength overflow of water is estimated to 10,000 times than Niagara Falls.

They also showed scientific evidence in the form of shells found in the area and compare it to other marine shells from the 6500-year-old. "Many cases that occur when fresh water from a lake turned into salt water and the impact of major floods caused a vast area of land transformed into the seabed," he said cc.
Giant river

In addition to the discovery of such buildings, recently re-discovered a giant river in the depths of the Black Sea. These findings Dila done by a British scientist named Dr. Dan Parsons, the leader of a team of researchers from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Leeds. This discovery made by Parsons and his team use robotic submarines to scan the existing seabed near Turkey.

As a result, there is a very wide river in the depths of the Black Sea. It is located on the Bosphorus Strait that flows from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. The flow of river water underground that caused differences in salinity. Rivers found in the bottom of the Black Sea has a depth of 115 feet and a width of more than half a mile.

Just as on land, rivers beneath the sea that has channels, creeks, flood plains, stream water rapids and even waterfalls. If located on land, scientists estimate that found in the waters of the Black Sea is the world's sixth largest river in terms of the amount of water flowing.

To the Sunday Telegraph, Dan Parsons explained that the river water under the sea it has the density compared to other rivers. The density of water there''(the river) is more solid than the surrounding sea water because it has a salinity (salt content) is higher and brings so much sediment.''

They estimate the salt water and sediment in the river under the sea 350 times greater than Thmaes River in England. He added that the river flows from the sea and exit via land abisal, like rivers on land.

Parsons explained as published Daily Mail, Sunday edition, 01 August 2010. Dr. Parsons explained that the underground river at the base of the Black Sea was flowing at about four miles per hour, drain 22,000 cubic meters of water per second. Or 10 times larger than the largest river in Europe, the Rhine.

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